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Streamline Gift Processing and Data Integration

More gifts from more donors is a good thing, right? Not if you’re the person entering all that donation data—manually. For gift processing teams that don’t have seamless CRM Integration, more gifts can mean more headaches.

Discover how you can get everyone on the same page and get all your gift data into one secure place—automatically. Watch our 45-minute session that will change how you process gift data for good. 

Uncover easy strategies for: 

  • Streamlining your gift processing workflow during high-volume campaigns.
  • Getting gift data into your CRM in an automated and timely manner so you can steward donors in real time.
  • Using Omatic’s GiveCampus connector to simplify gift processing for everyone.

With high-gift-volume events like Homecoming, GivingTuesday, and CYE campaigns on the horizon, you owe it to your team and your donors to streamline your process.

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Chanler Cox

Director, Enterprise & Salesforce Business Segments, Omatic

Tessa Miller

Product Marketing, GiveCampus