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The Road to Reunions: Tapping into the Power of Collective Giving

This virtual pep rally is your one-stop destination for unlocking the secrets to a successful reunion, homecoming, class-based giving, and more. You'll come away inspired as to what the future of alumni events and class-based engagement could look like at your school.

In this on-demand webinar our hosts will dive into: 

  • The Power of Collective Giving: Alumni events and class-based giving campaigns have the potential to mobilize your community towards a common goal. Explore real-world examples of campaigns that have put giving opportunities front and center and created engagement that goes beyond nostalgia.

  • Unlocking Alumni Event Success: Ever wondered what it takes to organize a reunion, homecoming or happy hour event that truly resonates with your alumni community? Dive into the essential components that make a these events successful. We'll share expert insights and delve into the metrics that matter most when measuring the impact of these activities.

  • Under the Hood of GC Events Pro: Celebrate the launch of GC Events Pro, our cutting-edge platform designed to take your alumni events to the next level. Discover how this revolutionary solution is changing the game for reunions, homecomings and more. 

Get pumped and prepped for your upcoming reunions! Watch the webinar now!

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Jed Shireman-Jones

Partner Success, GiveCampus

Jacquelyn Olexa

Director of Stewardship & Annual Giving, University of St. Thomas

Amy Youngblood

Director of Alumni Relations, University of St. Thomas